Sci-Fi MMO-ARPG, fast hack'n'slash combat, +12 heroes

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Founder Edition
$19.99Regular Price: 24.99$
  • 8 Heroes unlocked
  • 5 Characters Slots
  • Founder Title
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Ultimate Edition
$55.99Regular Price: 69.99$
  • Auction House Pet
  • White Gold Stalker Mount
  • All Heroes unlocked
  • Scooter Mount
  • Mech Otter Pet
  • 25 Character Slots
  • +32 Inventory Slots
  • +80 Chest Slots
  • +32 Account Storage Slots
  • Founder Title
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20% discount only this week!

Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan is the new Sci-Fi Action MMORPG with fast-paced Hack'n'Slash combat. It requires strategic team composition, the smart use of special abilities, quick reflexes, and above all, an appreciation for over-the-top weaponry.


Pick from over a dozen unique heroes from two rival factions including Duke Nukem and Serious Sam to take on an aggressive cyborg race called the Broken. In addition to intense boss fights and PVE missions, the game also offers large-scale PvP content where you can claim victory (and of course, loot) for yourself or your team.

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